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Omeira Bento Shape

*May Exclusive Camp Chair Prize* Omeira is an Afro-Brazilian like feature shape made with love, using Maitreya Lara mesh body and Genus Strong Face W001  mesh head. It's a young, fresh and fun looking shape.  This pack includes: • 1 shape version   - Normal   • 1 Eyebrow Base The shape's permission are: ✔ Copy ✔ Mod ✘ Trans The eyebrow base's permission are: ✔ Copy  ✘ Mod ✘ Trans Come by and check it out! Mainstore: Marketplace:  

Suji Bento Shape

Nyong Bento Shape

Britney Bento Shape

Mei Bento Shape

Ling Bento Shape

Kalyla Bento Shape

Fanny Bento Shape

Amara Bento Shape

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